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We've been there. Managing your hardware and software has never been easier. justSAMit helps you apply IT Asset Management best practises as well as SAM methods to gain control of your inventory, ensure compliancy and enhance your tracking and management of purchases from procurement through retirement of your machines

    Gain Control of your IT assets
    Optimize existing investment and uncover savings by knowing what you already have, and what you can do
    Reduce Cost with increased staff productivity, support cost, hardware reusability and over spending on unused software
    Enable Governance by staying compliant with licence agreements
    Reduce potential business risk by staying alert with changes in your environment
    Grow with your company expanding needs with faster roll outs and quality decision making
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justSAMit can help you adopt ITAM strategies easily

IT Asset Management Strategies
Let you manage your hardware inventory effectively
We let you be on top of your asset inventory, not just hardware, but other assets as well.

Comprehensive Software Asset Management
You will not only be aware of all the software used in your organisation, but also to monitor and track unauthorised software used, lease and support expiry, Licence Compliancy Level, reduce IT cost and enhance IT budget management

Risk Management
Helps you managing the potential risk in your organisation with patch and software monitoring capabilities as well as various alerts such as machine warranty expires and software and hardware changes

Greater Visibility and control of managing your business operation and future expansion
Our Query Wizards let you know what needs to be upgraded and what needs to be installed instantly, whether you're doing desktop migration planning or application deployment

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