Hardware Lifecycle Management

justSAMit offers you detailed and up-to-date hardware inventory information and functionalities as well as customisable reports to help you track and manage your PCs and servers throughout their hardware lifecycle

Track all your machines' purchasesFrom purchase number, vendor information, lease and warranty expiry date, department, uploaded invoices and much more, you can enter those information and locate these details in one repository

Tag your machines to the department or locationYou will be able to know where your machines are deployed to, who is using it, machine serial number or even some customisable information that you want to store in your inventory

Manage all your PCs and Servers - including Windows, Unix or Mac, as well as other assetsYour job will be so much easier with our auto discovery of the machine's inventory in your organisation. Get an up-to-date and accurate audit and changes from our solution. You can even customise your report to suit your organisation


Manage the hardware refresh cycles You can configure to auto retire the computer in your inventory or generate a report to see how long the machines have been idle. By then, you can determine whether it will be discarded, plan for upgrade or migration, or even re-use for better cost saving and optimise your investment.

We help you to monitor your hardware changes with comprehensive reportTo be successful in IT Asset Management, you need to continue monitoring - not periodic, your assets in your organisation. Changes will be notified through emails and a comprehensive report can be generated to you on-demand.

Other Assets

What about my other assets?
No worries. You can enter unlimited assets or as many types of assets you want. You can define each attribute and associate the assets to the machines that you have deployed to your organisation. You no longer need to keep a separate document. Everything can be managed in one place!

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