Comprehensive Software Asset Management

Discover and identify what you have installed in your organisation. You will be able to know your software versions, how many copies have been deployed, publisher or even adding your own customised details

Save all your purchases, agreement information and vendor profile in one place. You can also define the support warranty or lease expiry date, and upload your invoices and other supporting documents. We will prompt you when you need to renew your maintenance.

Tracking and monitoring who is authorised to install the software is a daunting task. With our solution, you will be able to generate the authorisation report instantly and stay alert of unauthorised installation. We also provide you with a tool to bind your purchases with installations to track illegal software and generate software audit

Monitor your Licence Compliancy Level and know how many copies of software available to avoid over spending and governance


Manage detection, purchase quanitity and unauthorized installation of monitored software in a single report. New software, support, lease expiry and others will be prompted to make sure you aware of the changes in your environment

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