What is IT Asset Management?

IT Asset Management is the management of computer software and hardware. The management of computer software is called Software Asset Management, while the management of computer hardware is called Hardware Asset Management.

Software Asset Management

Software Asset Management includes:

  • Software Acquisition — the management of software purchases or acquisition.
  • Software Deployment — the installation of software and handling of dependencies (which may be other software or data).
  • Software Inventory Tracking (or Software Asset Tracking) — the discovery and tracking of installed software.
  • Software License Tracking — the tracking of software licenses.
  • Software Reconciliation — the comparison of installed software and the number of licenses purchased or authorized.
  • Software Metering — the monitoring of software usage, some licenses are based on usage and not installation.
  • Software Control — the control of what software can be used and where it can be used.
  • Software Disposal — the removal of software.

Hardware Asset Management

Hardware Asset Management includes:

  • Hardware Acquisition — the management of purchases or acquisition.
  • Hardware Deployment — the logistics, transport and installation of hardware.
  • Hardware Tracking — the tracking and identification of hardware.
  • Hardware Lease Tracking — the tracking of hardware leases and rentals.
  • Hardware Disposal — the removal and disposal of hardware.

Why do IT Asset Management?

The purpose of IT Asset Management is to:
  • Ensure compliance — avoid the usage of unlicensed or unauthorized items.
  • Reduce costs — increase awareness of total purchase needs and potential savings via volume purchases or licenses.
  • Reduce wastage — increase awareness of unused or underused items, avoid buying or leasing more than necessary. Redeploy items to where they are more needed.
  • Increase accountability — keep better track of where items are and who has access to them.

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